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Mystery minus a detective unravels dynamics of a society

Deccan Chronicle 07 Nov 2021
The book starts with a murder and ends with the reader finding out who did it, but it’s not a whodunit. It is, instead, the story of a prison and its prisoners and what happens when they leave it ... So do other bits of their attitude ... Shashi Warrier has written fairy tales, thrillers, a semi-fictional biography, satires, and a love story ... pp ... ....

Halloween 2021: Mandana Karimi or Maleficent, who wore it better?

Hindustan Times 30 Oct 2021
On Saturday, Mandana shared a set of pictures from last year’s Halloween celebrations when she dressed up as Maleficent – a fictional fairy dwelling in the Moors, a magical forest around the borders of a human kingdom.

China inaugurates first children's sci-fi award 24 Oct 2021
China has established the world's first independent children's science fiction award to further boost the country's sci-fi industry and children's literature ... The organizers said it is the first time for China and even for the world to set up awards for children's science fiction.

China's children's sci-fi awards announced in Chongqing

Xinhua 22 Oct 2021
Compared with fairy tales and other fantasy literature, science fiction has a more profound influence on the future of our young readers," said Liu Cixin, a renowned science fiction writer in China, also chairman of the awards' organizing committee.

Getting to know… Elena Grech - her regret is not having spent time living in ...

Independent Online 17 Oct 2021
Elena Grech, the head of the European Commission Representation in Malta, would have loved to spend some time living in a top European city. When she was young, she imagined herself in a completely different profession than the one she took up later in life ... Paolo Coelho ... Swimming ... Which fictional character do you relate to most?. The Fairy Godmother!!.

DON NOBLE: Patti Callahan's novel explores the origin mystery of Narnia

Tuscaloosa News 10 Oct 2021
“Wardrobe” is also a smart and subtle treatise on art, fiction, myth, fairy tale, make-believe, and finally truth, which is not a collection of facts but constructed by an infinite number of bits and pieces, tangled together, which make up a life story, make up a life.

The fantasy world of Boris Johnson

The Spectator 05 Oct 2021
He must so entrance his supporters they never shake themselves from the web of fiction he has ensnared them in for long enough to execute his career ... It is a philistine error to treat Johnson’s fairy stories like a realist novel. Only plodding minds think fiction should bear any connection to the world as it is.

Why Maleficent Isn't More Feminist Than The Original Sleeping Beauty

Collider 28 Sep 2021
the three good fairies ... They are the fairies invited to ... Which is not to say Sleeping Beauty was ever intended as a work of feminist fiction.Sleeping Beauty was meant to be a straightforward fairy-tale picture, a follow-up to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella.

Mythosphere review — a rich and strange multimedia experience

The Times/The Sunday Times 23 Sep 2021
Swirling in its hallucinatory mix are fairies and fabulous creatures, astral projection, alchemy, psychedelia and RD Laing-ish notions about the revelatory potency of psychosis.Sponsored.

Adapting Stephen King's IT: How A Generation Was Successfully Traumatized By A 1990 Miniseries

Cinema Blend 22 Sep 2021
What IT Is About ... Essays And Fiction on the Craft of Writing) as being akin to being blinded by a flashbulb in a dark room. He was suddenly reminded of the fairy tale “The Three Billy-Goats Gruff,” and he was inspired to write a novel about “a real troll under a real bridge,” only in King’s case, the bridge would be an entire city ... .

Raai Laxmi's Cinderella gown weighed 25 kg

Deccan Chronicle 20 Sep 2021
“I have three different shades — the title role Cinderella, a rock star, and a young domestic help ... While Cinderella is a familiar fairy tale character, she says that the film will unveil the other side of Cinderella. “From fairy tale to scary tale,” she quips, adding that the fictional story has several subplots within it.

Everybody's Talking About Jamie: Sheffield welcomes home coming-of-age story

BBC News 18 Sep 2021
THE SEARCH FOR JAMIE'S HOUSE ... He explains ... Most of the filming was done while school was closed for the summer, with some of the pupils featuring on screen as Jamie's fellow classmates at the fictional Mayfield School. The lunch hall was turned into a flamboyant room of glitter, confetti and fairy lights to shoot the prom scene sequence ... .

Love Sally Rooney? Then we think you’ll also love these 12 other Irish writers

The Irish Times 16 Sep 2021
Deirdre Sullivan, who was born in Galway, has written plays, short fiction and poetry but is best known for her young-adult fiction, including award-winning female-centric retellings of European fairy tales (Tangleweed and Brine) and the Children of Lir (Savage Her Reply) ... Claire Hennessy reviews YA fiction for The Irish Times.

Native Americans featured in Armchair series...

Daily Advance 15 Sep 2021
The next topic of the Friends of the LibraryArmchair Traveler Series at 5.30 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 22 is Native Americans of the Albemarle Region. Duvonya Chavis, who is of Choanoac descent, will discuss the Native Americans who have lived in the surrounding region for over 800 years ... The Moose FairySteve Smallman. Children’s Fiction ... Stine ... Fiction ... .

OPINION | LET'S TALK: 'Cinderella' turns tropes on their head

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 12 Sep 2021
Amazon's Cinderella also doesn't have a Fairy Godmother [but instead has] Fab G, a genderless Fairy Godmother" — played by Billy Porter ... I've also been checking out those Amazon Prime commercials that have been airing, one of which reconstructs the fictional fairy-tale heroine Rapunzel.